"Behind the Scenes by Screen Time" is an experiment with movement and light set to a techno soundtrack. Performers translate our collective helplessness from living in what feels like a relentlessly turbulent world into movement. In a hazy void, pulsating lights create a frenetic energy and imaginative editing techniques cement its unique feel.


BTS was an official selection at San Diego Film Week, Toronto Short Film Festival, Seattle True Independent Film Festival, and Lift-Off Showcase Online Extravaganza.

Screen Time is the name of my electronic music project where I create songs that span multiple sub-genres and inspirations. For this music video, I provided the music and also produced, directed, and performed.

You can check out music by Screen Time on Spotify, Apple Music, or Soundcloud.

Horror/comedy sketch I directed called "The Wings Beneath" written by Danielle Soto

Short satirical sketch about Covid Safer-At-Home policies I directed/wrote/produced called "Message from the U.S. Govt." Premiered at the Burbank International Film Festival in 2020

Short film I directed/wrote/produced called "North Hollywood" that premiered at IFS/LA Film Festival 2019


(North) Hollywood follows Jessica throughout her day as she works at her coffee shop survival job and then heads to an important audition. One of her co-workers finds himself in a scary situation, another finds new romance, and a stranger gives a helping hand. (North) Hollywood is a look into the lives of the actors who aren't walking down red carpets, they're figuring out how to be adults while still following their dreams.